The Hagia Sophia

For centuries its construction was one of the biggest secrets of mankind. Now the German historian of architectural art, Professor Volker Hoffmann, disclosed the secret of the eighth Wonder of the World. He discovered one of the most enigmatic empresses of the Late Antiquity: Theodora of Byzantium. Besides her, he also discovered the story of a great love. A love of a former courtesan who, with instinct, intelligence and eroticism, gains power and influence, and the love of an emperor who totally devotes himself to her.
The discoveries of Professor Hoffmann decode not only the hour of the birth of the Hagia Sophia. They also tell the story of a fascinating couple of emperors, whose love combines orient and occident in one of the biggest churches of Christianity in the past. They tell about a woman, whose advancement on the side of the emperor Justinians is one of the most fascinating biographies of the ancient world. They tell about an empress, who made history at the Bosporus, where East and West met, where Europe began to grow.

Camera: Jens Bungies
Sound: Sascha Friedrich
Cutting: Mario Biehl