The broken tunes – the violinist Hellmut Stern and the consequences of the Novemberpogrome of 1938

15 min, Digi-Beta, Dutch Television "2 Vandaag" broadcasting, 1998

60 years ago German people woke up by the sound of breaking glass. In many cities and villages synagogues and shops of Jewish owners burned. In the so-called "Kristallnacht" a kind of aggression exploded, that had not been know in Germany up to that point. Jewish eyewitnesses, such as the violinist Hellmut Stern or Gad Beck, who later on went into hiding, talk about their experiences of the night of the Novemberpogrome 1938 in Berlin. They also share their thoughts about how their lives changed after that horrifying night.

Camera: Holger Preuss
Sound: Ingo Koch
Cutting: Anne Thiele