Children without a past - Lebensborn

25-minute documentary for Dutch TV, „2 Vandaag“

The perfect man has been a dream for centuries. Since scientists succeeded in genetic engineering a new moral-ethical discussion on the ideal human has started off again. The Third Reich, too, doctors and nurses worked on the human elite. In the maternity homes of Lebensborn (“fount of life”) the SS (Schutzstaffel – “Protection Squadron”) tried to raise “superteutons”, as it was called years later at the Nuremberg trials. Later, many legends occurred in connection with the Lebensborn homes. For many years the children that grew up there didn’t know much about their origin or family background. We met three of them and tell now their moving stories.

Written by: Anna Schmidt
Direction: Anna Schmidt
Director or Photography: Jürgen Rumbuchner, Franz Josef Kirmeier
Sound: Boris Blumenthal
Editor: Mario Biehl